Upgrading our Frasca Sim to A Redbird AATD

redbird advanced aviation training device

Upgrading our Frasca Sim to A Redbird AATD

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Del Sol Aviation is pleased to announce that early to mid January we will be receiving a brand new Redbird Advanced Aviation Training Device! It’s FAA approved and will be ready to log flight time once installed.

Unlike our Frasca, this training device will be fully enclosed with a wrap around, total immersion visual set up. It will have the capabilities of a Cessna-172S with a Garmin 430.

This upgrade will allow us to provide the most complete and comprehensive training available in the New Mexico area. As well as a way to effectively reduce training costs and enhance training scenarios.

Follow the progress of our newest addition on the Redbird’s page on our website here.

For more information or to contact us on how to book the Redbird give us a call at 505-242-2701.

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