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We believe that everyone should experience flying. Be it a bucket list item, a way to increase your business, leisurely flying or career-minded pilots. Flying is an experience that embodies pure excitement and joy!

Our mission is to educate New Mexico on the joys of flight, train the next generation of pilots and uphold an impeccable safety record for both our pilots and our planes.

Del Sol Aviation has been in business since 2007. That’s more than 10 years in our local community! And over those 10 years we have helped over 500 students get the certifications they needed or wanted to create the life of their dreams.

If it’s your first time here, or you’ve been searching the web looking for information, we know that there is a ton of information overload. So we created this page with all the necessary information to get you started on your journey.

Step One: Schedule A Discovery Flight

If you’ve never flown, want to fly, interested in a “try it before you buy it” method, checking off a bucket list item, know someone – who know’s someone that wants to fly, lost a bet, or simply think we’re great people to hang out with, your next step in your flying adventure is to schedule a discovery flight. It’s the most fun you can have in an hour for under $200!

Check out our page on discovery flights for more information on what you can expect during the best hour you can spend your money on.

Step Two: Choose Your Program

Private Pilot or Professional Track. All pilot’s start out as private pilots however, for the more career minded there are ways that Del Sol can help to fast track your career and help you build the necessary hours to get where you want to be.

Be sure to check out our information on the Private Pilot flight training for more information on the first step.

If you are more career minded check out our professional pilot information, time building ideas, becoming a CFI and our airline partnerships for all your training needs.

Step Three: Getting Started – What You Need To Know

For more information on what it takes to get your license check out our post on What does it take to learn to fly and Why should I learn to fly. It would also be helpful for you to know 22 money-saving ways to keep flight training costs down and 10 Things Flight Instructors wished their students knew. As learning to fly is an investment in your future and in you.

Also, you can find a list of wonderful pilot resources over in our resources section. Here you will see a list of ways to pay for pilot training, how to find our school, as well as a top 5 useful blogs to follow during your training.

Or, if you’re already a certified pilot, check out 15 Interesting Things Every Pilot Should Do.

Lastly, if you’re career minded and want to fly with the airlines, we have some amazing opportunities with several different companies. Check out our Partnership with Ameriflight and Guaranteed Interviews with Sierra Airways.

Step Four: Why Del Sol

We know you have choices when learning to fly. Here are 8 reasons to fly with us at Del Sol Aviation.

  1. Locally owned. We pride ourselves on being New Mexico true!
  2. Custom tailored schedules. We work with your schedule. Can’t fly on a Wednesday? Don’t worry. We’ll schedule around your life to ensure the highest level of success.
  3. Agreements with airlines for career progression. Many of our pilots have careers in mind. So we have partnered with several airlines to provide a pathway for success.
  4. Dedicated Facilities and Resources. We don’t do charter flights. Our aircraft are for you and your needs. And our instructors are 100% reserved for flight training. So you won’t have any scheduling problems due to ‘other business interests’.
  5. Aircraft Maintenance. We have a full time team of expert mechanics on site. We perform 50 hour maintenance checks – double what the FAA recommends. Maintaining quality, safe aircraft is a top priority for us.
  6. Ideal Location. Albuquerque, NM is a perfect place to train as we have access to almost every type of flying environment a pilot can experience.
  7. Great Weather. With over 345 days of sun a year your chances of being delayed due to weather are minimal.
  8. 10 years of service. We’ve been around for 10 years giving quality flight instruction.

Step Five: Be Part Of The Del Sol Community

Del Sol Aviation updates frequently, so we’ve created several ways for you to keep up-to-date with what is happening.

First, subscribe to our newsletter packed with information on learning to fly, saving money, and interesting places to fly to. We only send out emails on Wednesday and we will NEVER sell your information to anyone for any reason. Also, if you don’t want to receive our emails anymore, you can unsubscribe at the touch of a button.

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