Learn To Fly

Why should you learn to fly?

Breathtaking Views. Seeing the world from a different angle is something very few people ever get the chance to do. Catch an evening sunset from the air, or see the beautiful landscape for miles and miles. And the best part…if you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can easily fly somewhere else and have a different view!

Avoid Airport Security. No one likes the long lines found at the security terminals. Keep your shoes on and zip up your bags a little tighter. As a pilot, you can easily walk out to your airplane and fly.

Business Travel. Get to your meetings faster. Save money when you take the whole team. Fly when you want to travel instead of waiting for when the airlines connect you through Timbuktu. If you are a small business owner you can get some great tax write-offs as well.

Leisure Travel. Go ahead, take the family. The cost of flying a family of four makes sense when you can fly yourself. Find a new favorite destination that’s only accessible by plane. Or go on that weekend trip that seemed a little too far away by car.

Join A Community. When you become a pilot you instantly belong to an elite group of friends. Pilots love to talk about aviation! The pilot community is extraordinary and shares a passion and enthusiasm for their sport rarely seen elsewhere. Show up at any fly-in to see this energy in action.

Career Path. Becoming a pilot is the first step in an extremely rewarding career. No matter who the professional pilot is, they all started the same way…learning to fly.

It’s a challenge! You will learn things you never thought you would need to know. You will learn a skill that only 1% of the population has accomplished. Be proud of what you’ve done and take the challenge head on.

It’s Down Right Fun! Whatever you’re looking for, aviation has it. Adventure…yes. Excitement…yes. Thrill…every time you leave the grip of the earth. Freedom, absolutely. We can’t stop grinning from ear to ear when we fly and you won’t either.

Del Sol Aviation offers the chance to learn to fly at a towered airport, in a high-altitude environment. This unique opportunity provides the chance to learn what most pilots in the United States only dream of doing.  With over 350 days of sunshine a year New Mexico is a premier place to learn to fly. Train with the largest flight school in New Mexico and join the pilot community today.

Contact Us at 505-337-3398 to get Real-World, “Hands on” flight training that focuses on quality and safety.