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Del Sol CFI – David – Furthering His Career

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Sending a special shout out to one of our CFI’s David Gallimore.

David started training with us a few years ago. He worked his way up from student to CFI. He has been an amazing addition to the Del Sol family and has trained several of our students.

Most recently, he was working through the Ameriflight program to further his career as a pilot.

We are proud to announce that David has been hired on with Ameriflight as a Captain!

Congratulations David!

If you want to see different ways that you can have a career in aviation check out our partnership programs with Ameriflight and Sierra West Airlines.

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Top 5 Useful Blogs For Pilots Of All Levels

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Knowledge is the key to passing your written exams and ultimately your check rides. While we strive to provide the most complete information for all our students and rental pilots we know that sometimes it’s best to hear information from a different point of view.

Here is our pick of the top 5 blogs for pilots of all ages.

Bold Method

This is one of our favorite blogs to share on our Facebook page. The quick quizzes and other well written articles are a great asset to students of all levels and pilots of all ages. Check it out at


Adventures of Cap’n Aux

King Schools Blog

John and Martha King have been teaching aviation for many years. Their style of teaching works for many pilots. This blog is run by an aviation education product company first, but the content they provide on the blog is worth reading. You can check out their blog here.

AirFacts Journal

Mainly staying in the general aviation / personal travel posts, this blog is a great source of information on all topics of aviation as the writers see fit. The blog is heavily sponsored by Sporty’s Pilot shop, but the content does a good job of staying away from the sales pitch. Check it out at

Learn To Fly Blog

Del Sol Aviation Partners With Ameriflight To Provide Student To Career Pilot Pathway

Career progression is now easier than ever with a new agreement that benefits students training with Del Sol.

Paperwork has finalized and the ink is barely dry but we couldn’t hold our excitement in. We had to share this exciting new partnership between Del Sol Aviation and Ameriflight, the premier air logistics solution. The agreement guarantees qualifying pilots from Del Sol Aviation an interview with the Ameriflight team.

The agreement is designed to ensure that pilots continue to receive the quality flight training provided at Del Sol Aviation and continue to produce high quality, safe pilots for Ameriflight.

To qualify, students must meet the following:

  • Complete the FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane multiengine Land and Instrument ratings
  • Obtain CFI certificate and have instructed at Del Sol Aviation for a minimum of 12 months
  • Hold a Second Class medical certificate
  • Maintain an excellent worth ethic and obtain letters of recommendation from the Senior Flight Department of Del Sol Aviation
  • Sign a release form authorizing Ameriflight to review the pilot’s academic, aeronautical, work and other Del Sol Aviation records and FAA records
  • Be competitive and meet the same standards of interview and employment required of other candidates applying for the pilot positions with Ameriflight
  • Pass any required background checks and written hiring policies.

Del Sol Aviation is committed to providing the highest quality training for their students and pilots. By arranging the opportunities for our pilots to progress along their careers is just one more way that Del Sol aims to be the best option for flight training in New Mexico.

Ameriflight and its subsidiaries operate 215 aircraft over 100,000 hours per year. They service major international integrators, manufacturers and freight forwarders throughout North America and the Caribbean. Since 1968 Ameriflight has been the leader in the small feeder cargo world.

For questions concerning this agreement or to schedule your flights today, call us at 505-337-3398.