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How To Pay For Flight Training

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There are several different methods to pay for flight training. Here is a quick resource on the most popular options we’ve seen and recommend for our students.

Pay as you go

This method is paying for each lesson as you have the funds. You should check out our blog post on 22 ways to keep flight training costs down. This will help ensure you get the most out of your flight training.

Block Payments

This method is paying for blocks of flight and instructor time in one shot. It allows for students to pre-pay their flight training in manageable chunks while not racking up finance fees from a banking institution.

Your flight and instructor time is then deducted from your pre-paid account as you take each lesson.

Pilot Financing

We work with xxxx company to provide affordable financing for your flight training. Visit their website here or call them xxx-xxx-xxxx.

There are also other avenues of financing. Check out AOPA’s financing page for additional information

The last method in financing is talking with your bank about a loan through them.


There are several scholarships available for pilots of all ages, aspirations and certifications. Here is a list of a handful that you can research and apply for.